Engaged! Now What?

You are Engaged! Congratulations on finding your Prince Charming and the sparkling solitaire adorning your delicate fingers. For most brides-to-be, this is a phase of mixed emotions; one that needs time for the excitement and reality to sink in, and also an overwhelming one in terms of planning her wedding the way she has always dreamt of. Before you take all the pressures of wedding planning on yourself, take time to feel good and start glowing.
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Rules for Gown shopping

The golden rule for gown shopping is to only buy a gown that you are comfortable in and fits you perfectly. Another important aspect in Kerala is that the bride and her views are not given due importance. Her views and preferences on her ideal wedding dress are transformed to suit the needs of the family and society. The first thing bride needs to understand is that the wedding is a once in a lifetime event and the bride’s views carry the most importance.
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Changing trends in wedding photography

Wedding video and photographs have a lot of sentimental value attached to it and is as important as planning your wedding attire. These are vital in capturing the most important day of your life. Reminiscing the wedding day not only helps rejuvenate your marriage but also motivates you to live a better life. These photographs that capture memories of the beautiful day play a very important role in reliving your marriage and the days associated with it.
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Plan a Stress-Free wedding

Wedding is the most important day for a bride or groom.  Every young groom or bride wants to have a dream wedding surrounded by their loved ones and look their best. But our big fat Indian weddings if not planned properly can be utter chaos and a nightmare to the couple and their parents. Successfully planning and implementing your/your child’s dream wedding involves a lot of preparations. Not just preparations but timely preparations are required to have a relaxed run up to the marriage. Continue Reading >>>

Choose the Perfect Wedding Dress for Your Body Type

Every bride wants to have the best wedding dress on her wedding day. To look the best the bride needs to choose a dress that suits her. Many brides falter on this part and choose a wedding gown that one finds nice in pictures and thereafter custom make one. The first and the most important aspect while choosing a gown is to try out wedding gowns that fits your shape and size. Never ever custom make a gown without trying the pattern and realise the folly only when you receive the gown, by when it is too close to your wedding.
Read ahead to know what type of gowns will suit the different body types common among Kerala brides.
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Custom made gowns… a reality check!

With the proliferation of internet to every corner of the world and in an era where information is just a click away, the way people live and think has evolved and has undergone a paradigm shift. The effects of internet have percolated in each and every sphere of life, be it food, lifestyle, language and the most visible one fashion. The way people dress has undergone a sea change in the last decade. Change is evident not only in the routine daily dressing but also in our marriages. This change though is more evident in the case of girls.
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Gown or Sari?

Ordeal of a Bride caught between tradition and modernity!

For the new age women who reflect confidence and independence, these qualities are even more evident when it comes to planning their wedding. Gone are the days when the bride and groom were only expected to be present on the wedding day and every other aspect of wedding planning was taken care of by the family. The bride and groom these days have their involvement in choosing everything from wedding venue to decor to photographers. The increasing numbers of couples opting for photographers who specialise in candid photography rather than the age old group shots vouch for this.
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