Rules for Gown shopping

The golden rule for gown shopping is to only buy a gown that you are comfortable in and fits you perfectly. Another important aspect in Kerala is that the bride and her views are not given due importance. Her views and preferences on her ideal wedding dress are transformed to suit the needs of the family and society. The first thing bride needs to understand is that the wedding is a once in a lifetime event and the bride’s views carry the most importance.
 Knowing how involved Indian parents are in any decision-making for their children, getting the family to take a step back while deciding on the bride’s trousseau is no easy task. The bride needs to get the idea very clear that she is the most important person on her wedding day. This will give her the confidence to take decisions on various aspects of her dream dress.

1.    Understand your body shape – The bride should understand her body shape. If she is particular of a certain silhouette or style but not sure that it suits her, she will have to face the uphill task of altering her body shape to the silhouette.

2.    Choose the gown type Once the bride understands her body shape she should choose a gown that suits her body and narrow down the type of gown she wants. For example, a petite girl should go for an A- line gown to make her look taller.

3.    Family concurrence – In Kerala, the family and its views play a major role in choosing the gown. You need to take printouts of your sample gowns or save images of them in your phone and ask how your family and friends like it. Do try to convince them that this is the kind of wedding gown that suits your shape. Do minor alterations, if required to please your family.

4.    Gown shopping – Gown shopping should always be done with a person who understands you the best. It may be your mother, your sister, your best friend or anyone else who qualifies the requirement. Your gown shopping should never be done with every person in your family as everyone will have their own opinions and will try to influence you. You may call them once you have chosen your dream dress.

5.    Try the gown out –  Once you have chosen the gown, try it out and check whether it fits you. You should always buy a gown that fits you and you are comfortable in. Both the criteria should be fulfilled and not just one of them.

It is only when you are cannot find a gown that fits you perfectly that you should go for making a custom made one. Custom made gowns have their own disadvantages. The fit might not work out to be perfect and the final product may not be the one you imagined it to be.

Hope these rules for gown shopping help you find the best gown.

Happy gown shopping!!!!