Changing trends in wedding photography

Wedding video and photographs have a lot of sentimental value attached to it and is as important as planning your wedding attire. These are vital in capturing the most important day of your life. Reminiscing the wedding day not only helps rejuvenate your marriage but also motivates you to live a better life. These photographs that capture memories of the beautiful day play a very important role in reliving your marriage and the days associated with it.

Conventional wedding photography where the photographer captures couple portraits and group shots with family members no longer meet the expectations of modern day bride and groom. If one overlooks the fact that these pictures were taken on the wedding day, the actual emotional quotient in such photographs is minimal. Compare this with candid photography which not only immortalizes the beautiful day, but also the high energy and emotions of the day. It comes as no surprise these days that more than any other aspect of wedding planning, the couple wants to have their say in who their wedding photographer will be. Gone are the days of family photographer being tasked to capture wedding photos. Couples these days rely on social media to find their photographers from all parts of the country, be it from Hyderabad, Bangalore, Managalore or even home-grown ones. This comes from the realisation that paying the slight premium for a good wedding photographer makes total sense as after the wedding day the only thing that will remain will be these photographs.
While pre and post wedding photography were a rarity until few years back, couples these days are more open to wearing their wedding dress to a scenic locale or a place that will give more colour and life to the photograph. Candid pictures not only capture the beautiful moment but also the real chemistry between the newlyweds. The bride and groom will not only cherish these photographs, but will also have fond memories of the exciting moments and enjoyable instances that the adventurous day will offer them.

Brides often complain of not being able to wear their wedding gowns after the wedding day. However, these days taking the wedding dress with you to your honeymoon is not something unheard of. In this day of selfie-mania, the couple in their wedding attire can either capture selfies or even hire a photographer for some honeymoon photography. Though the furore these pictures will create in social media maybe the initial driving force behind getting offbeat photographs, the whole adventure of doing something different not only gives remarkable photos that can be cherished for a lifetime but also brings the bride and groom closer and helps build their bond.